Monday, 6 October 2014

The FAA HIMS Program — Federally Funded Cult Induction?

“Thanks to JR Harris who’s Blog,  alerted me to this. The FAA’s HIMS(Human Intervention Motivation Study) program is a substance abuse program for Flight Crews. It is used and supported by all US airlines and is funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, i.e., our taxes. The HIMS program website,, is incredibly disturbing. It is more pro 12-Step than AA’s own website. It contains more medical misinformation about Alcohol Dependence than you will get at your average AA meeting. Some examples are: “The disease of chemical dependency is chronic, primary, predictable, and contagious.” “The consistency with which the disease manifests offers only three options to its victims: they wind up either locked up (incarcerated), covered up (buried), or they sober up (get into recovery).” “…denial is so strong, consistent, and common that it is considered a defining characteristic of the disease of Chemical Dependency.” “…there is never a return to normal “Social” Drinking … Relapse means reactivation of the original disease…” The FAA’s HIMs program involves identification and Intervention by HIMS trained “peer monitors”, i.e. HIMS graduates who are AA coworkers recruiting for the cult. This is followed by treatment without which Employment is terminated. Then re-certification occurs if the Pilot satisfies HIMS that they have submitted to the cult. “…28 days of inpatient treatment plus 90 days of daily Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings…” must be completed before an FAA special issuance airman medical certificate is even considered according to the HIMS website. So, its either AA or the Pilot doesn’t fly – EVER! Monitoring of the Pilot goes on for a minimum of 2 years (sometimes for the rest of their Career). This is carried out by among others “ Peer Monitors”, i.e., AA coworkers who ensure, it is assumed, that the Pilot is “working a strong program”. The medical misinformation and general ignorance regarding Alcohol dependence starts right at the top of the organization. 

Dr. Donald E. Hudson: HIMS Program Manager, ALPA Aeromedical Officer “…the person who’s afflicted has no conscious understanding that the substance is actually causing his problems and that’s what we call denial…” “…the prognosis of addiction, untreated, is grim … leading eventually to death. This is a fatal disease if left untreated.” Our taxes are paying the wages of this medical moron! This a medical doctor, addiction expert and head of a federally funded substance abuse program who doesn’t know the basic facts about addiction. 

1. Denial is not a fundamental characteristic or symptom of addiction – this is a medically proven fact. Among others, the US government’s NIAAA has proved this. See 

2. Untreated Alcohol dependence is not fatal! Over 75% of those who recover from Alcohol dependence do so without medical Intervention or attendance at AA. The NIAAA has also proved this, repeatedly. How can one section of government, the FAA’s HIMS program, not be aware of the research results of another section of government, the NIAAA? Dr. Lynn Hankes, HIMS consultant, addiction expert, Clinical Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington School of Medicine: “AA is empirically validated as the best form of maintenance treatment developed to date.” This is a downright lie! An overwhelming amount of research has proven this to be false. The World Health Organization stated that AA was ineffective in 2009. The University of Columbia’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse stated in 2012 that “…mutual support programs such as AA or NA…are not evidence based treatments for the disease.” Dr. Hankes also states that: “…that’s where the Intervention process is so important, somebody’s got to bring reality into that individual’s life, ’cause they can’t see it themselves…”, and “Denial is the chief symptom and major obstacle to diagnosis and treatment, so Intervention becomes necessary.” This is completely untrue – as shown above denial is a myth. This shows Dr. Hankes fundamental ignorance of the medical facts about Alcohol dependence. Yet again, our taxes are paying this medical moron’s wages! Some graduates of the HIMS program who are also non-anonymous AA members are: First Officer Dana Archibald: American Airlines(JFK), Past Chairman of HIMS Program, Alcoholic, AA cult member and cult recruiter. Capt. Chris Storbeck: Delta Airlines, current HIMS Chairman, Alcoholic, AA cult member and cult recruiter. So who’s at the controls of your Flight – somebody who’s willing to “Let go and let God”? I hope not.”

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