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Human Intervention Motivation Study [HIMS] Guide


I want to thank you for your time in visiting our page.  I will be updating regularly regarding the development of WEYHRAUCH LAW GROUP, LLP and our involvement in several ongoing Aviation related matters.  I have attached the HIMS guide to this post as it is often withheld from the Pilot prior to his / her 
“volunteering” for the HIMS process.  I hope it is useful to someone going through –or contemplating– HIMS.  It should also serve as valuable ‘education’ for the uninitiated.

HIMS Guide

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1st Class Medical Certificate

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As a “HIMS Pilot,” your Medical Certificate will be annotated with, “Not Valid Past ____________.”  Anyone who requests to see your Medical Certificate (e.g., a future Employer, the FAA, a Check Airman, etc.) will know you are operating on a Special Issuance Medical Certificate.  How?  If you are under the age of 40, which they will know by your birth date on your Airman Certificate, your Medical Certificate is valid for 12 calendar months; not 6, as is clearly stated on your newly minted, Special Issuance Medical.

Bottom line, think twice about participating in HIMS if you are under the age of 40 and / or you anticipate switching Employers.  

Regardless, you should be thinking twice about it anyhow, but if you fall into the above category, it may be in your best interest to avoid HIMS at all costs.

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  1. This HIMS guide is brilliant really. and you create in such a nice, point to point, and user friendly way. I will consider to join this program soon with the assistance of yours. thanks.