Monday, 6 October 2014

Best Aviation Law Firm in USA

Learn More About Best Aviation and Aerospace Law Firm   [ WEYHRAUCH LAW GROUP, LLP ] is an  Specialty Law Firm Focusing on Aviation, Tax, and Patent Law Practice with an emphasis in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enforcement action defense. We also have a renewed interest in civil rights issues related to the administration of the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) program for Airline Pilot participants. We encourage Pilots considering participation in this Program to contact our firm for a Confidential Consultation. 2q12    

The legal realm of Aviation and Aerospace is defined by the body of Aviation Law. The scope of Aviation Law governs the operation and use of Aircraft as well as the Maintenance and Management of Aviation facilities. Governments around the world have passed laws and statutes, and established agencies to oversee the Administrative functions and regulations of Air traffic and related Aerospace Activities.

The International nature of Air Travel and the consensus that Space, the moon and other planets should not be subject to claims of ownership result in Aviation Law being mainly a matter of International Aviation Law. 
Space law relates to matters of law beyond the Earth’s Atmosphere.  This is a newer area of Law and is closely tied to Aviation and Aerospace Law.

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  1. A very nice insight of the best aviation service providers in the region. i agree to you at many instance as i do not travel much by air. i liked your efforts keep it up